Sanctuary Cities . . . Now a Sanctuary State . . .

There is a battle brewing . . . the battle lines are being drawn more and more each day by the opponents. The battle is over immigration and compliance with federal law. The opponents are local- and state-elected officials and citizens in California. While illegal immigration from the south has been increasing over the past three decades, it has been something the past several Administrations have addressed only in a minor way—verbally. It had been something politicians campaigned on, but never took much action. Then President Trump is elected and he calls on his Administration to enforce immigration laws that have been on the books for years, and suddenly it triggers rebellion by many local politicians.

The crazy thing is that those officials took an oath of office to “obey and defend the Constitution of the USA.”  Now, it is as if they think they get to choose which parts of that constitution they like and don’t like.  John Q. Public in California has sat by and taken it all in . . . but as their state is being overcrowded with illegals, many of whom are violent criminals, the public is beginning to step forward and speak out. Recent public meetings have shown an increasing frustration and anger as citizens confront officials over their putting personal desires to protecting illegals over the needs and interests of citizens. The Department of Justice has brought legal action against California . . . and a growing percentage of Californians are on the side of DOJ.  Many of the towns and cities are rising up in protest of the State’s decision to become a sanctuary state.

“It’s not clear whether the state of California will push back against this wave of local revolts immediately, or ever,” says Rick Su, a professor of local government and immigration law at the University of Buffalo. “It will be much harder for them to split their energy over a two-fronted attack from above and below.  The only question is whether or not the state is going to fight them directly by filing lawsuits against these localities, or whether or not they’re going to put their effort into fighting the lawsuit against the DOJ exclusively,” he said.

The notion of sanctuary cities comes from the Old Testament as it ordered three cities of refuge to be on the west side of the Jordan River, and three on the east side (Numbers 35:9-15).Read more at The cities of refuge were to be places where one who had accidentally been somehow involved in manslaughter could remain safe. But the protection clearly did not extend to willful and intentional crimes against other humans or the state. It was a method to protect the innocent.

It is peculiar that the officials of state government in California can reach into the Old Testament and extract one principle . . . twist and misapply it, and then tirelessly trample all over the rest of the Holy Bible. Interestingly, Proverbs 14: 12 says, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its way leads to destruction.” History reveals that ancient cities that implemented cities of refuge improperly ended up with a serious mess as they became hotbeds of criminal activity (Athens).

It seems to me . . . that the state of California has trouble enough without becoming entangled in such a crazy battle that will prove very costly on many levels. The state is broke, overburdened, and deep in debt, grossly over-populated with all of the social issues that go with overcrowding, its citizens, grossly over-taxed, business and industry grossly over-regulated, and the state is suffering from a gross shortage of housing . . . but because of high costs, taxes, and regulations that are needed, housing simply cannot be developed. The state has dug a very deep hole for itself, but it foolishly just keeps in digging at a demonic pace. Go figure . . .

It is not surprising that I receive letters of interest from California almost monthly from folks seeking to buy my properties out in West Texas. There are many clearly looking to exit that troubled state.

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