The Ides of March . . .

The Ides of March is believed to have been the date on the Roman calendar that would correspond with our March 15. It was used in a warning uttered by a soothsayer who was letting the Roman leader Julius Caesar know that his life was in danger, and he should probably stay home and be careful when March 15th rolled around. The quote is from Shakespeare’s tragedy Julius Caesar (1599), but could well have served as a warning to President Trump as he struggles in his quest to:

. . . drain the swamp

. . . Make America Great Again

. . . correct the imbalances in trade with other nations around the world

. . . de-nuke North Korea

. . . renegotiate NAFTA

. . . renegotiate the Iran deal John Kerry, Hilary, and Obama made

. . . have his appointees confirmed to office

. . . get us out of the messy Middle East’s conflicts (which will clearly continue until Jesus returns)

. . . get his infrastructure package approved and moving

. . . rebuild our military back to war-ready status

. . . galvanize the Grand Old Party and get those dudes in the Senate to stop posturing each one running for the office of President and just do the job they were elected to do

. . . re-energize American business

. . . get the unemployment rate to under 3%

. . . revive confidence in the USA . . . and of the USA

What a bold agenda he has set out. Pretty much makes one wonder what his predecessors were doing. The warning to the President might well be to be on high alert as he moves about . . . as the swamp is filled with swamp monsters who love the swamp and are fiercely resisting efforts to drain it . . . and the Mueller witch-hunt, unrestrained fishing expedition which is filled with enemies of the State.  Moreover, all fueled by the tragedy occurring in the 1st Amendment as the liberal media works tirelessly to trash him and his Administration every step of the way. Beware Mr. President . . . there are forces out there who frankly just don’t want America to be great again. It seems they seek socialism as a preferred system over capitalism.

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