Confusion . . .

Many folks are confused about the meaning and purpose of the life experience. That confusion has long been part of the human experience. I suppose it demonstrates that a human living outside of a spiritual relationship with the Creator might best be described as ‘being adrift.’ The Apostle Paul described that person as being “dead in trespasses and sin.”

I am convinced that the soul that is adrift is easily ensnared by foolish things, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. One can certainly see that on full display in today’s culture. It just amazes me to no end that many people who seem well-educated can be pulled by such ignorant things as evolution, rugged individualism, socialism, and buy into beliefs espoused by mis-guided people from centuries ago (Dante and his radical thoughts of Cocytus and the 9th and deepest level of hell, Virgil, David Strauss, Bruno Bauer, Albert Kalthoff, and so very many others who are surely in torment in the after-life because of their unbelief).

We see so many today being swayed over foolish arguments and issues that were long ago determined to be pagan, unnatural, and clearly sinful (offensive to God). As those poor, misguided, and helpless folks join into the fray they are made to look extremely ridiculous and foolish.

Here is a succinctly stated truth: humans were created by God to live in relationship with Him . . . and anything other than that testifies to the absolute truth of original sin, and vanity. Moreover, life lived outside of a relationship with God leaves one subject to the mercy of the enemy of the human soul, and history screams out that that enemy has no mercy. That life leads to a fate too horrific to even attempt to describe in this small space.

The greatest truth ever uttered from a mortal tongue is that God loves people. He has made a way for sinful man to be redeemed, and enabled and empowered to live in relationship with Him. That way is through God’s own Son . . . His name is Jesus. I challenge any reader to read the New Testament book ‘The Gospel of John’ and view and consider it all through the lenses of John 3:16. I hope and pray that if you are adrift, you might find your way back to the One who gave you life.

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