Six Years . . . and Counting . . .

Courtney texted me about daylight one morning this week and reminded me that it was six years ago today that I started writing this blog. She and I were at the Dallas VA hospital with my older brother, Willie. As we sat and chatted, Courtney asked me to write the blog so that some of my stories and experiences would remain after I pass from this life experience. I agreed and she had it set up by a lady who creates web sites and such. Ever further, she has paid all of the fees involved.
I am not sure how good of a blog it really is, or how many folks actually read it, but I have enjoyed writing and intend to continue.
Thank you, Sissy! I love you and appreciate you asking me to write it and all of the help you have been in the process.
Concerning my brother . . . he went to live with Jesus that same week.

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