A Sorry, Embarrassing Ending to What was Once a Charmed Life . . .

Jury selection started yesterday in Norristown, PA, for Bill Cosby’s sexual assault retrial . . . amid a powerful MeToo movement. That movement has swept across the nation and caused many men to be embarrassed and forced to step down from some lofty, high perches. Moreover, many of those men have been seriously hurt financially, professionally, socially, and their families humiliated and injured.

You can ‘bet the farm’ that said movement has surely pierced the consciousness of the men and women who will sit in judgment of the 80-year-old, former comedian/actor.

Jury selection was said to have gotten off to an exceedingly slow start, with one single juror seated and three-quarters of the jury pool dismissed for cause — primarily because the prospective jurors had already formed an opinion about Cosby’s guilt or innocence. In contrast, five jurors were picked on opening day of Cosby’s first trial.

I predict that Mr. Cosby and his lawyers are extremely nervous about going to trial in today’s political climate . . . and they clearly have a reason to be nervous. One notable change that reflects the current climate is that the Judge has agreed to allow several other women (I believe five more) to testify about their past experience with the naughty old rascal (the previous judge only permitted one other lady to testify).

I further predict that this trial will not end with a hung jury, and the dude will go to the big house for perhaps the remainder of his life.

It seems to me . . . that regardless of race, color, creed, social class, financial status, background, life experiences, successes, or family connections . . . a man can make some really stupid decisions, do some crazy and evil things, and fall victim to his own lust. There is a powerful enemy on the prowl . . . seeking whom he might devour.

Would you argue that I ought to rightfully reserve judgment until the trial is completed . . . arguing about an individual’s right to presumed innocence? Perhaps . . . but I would argue that there is far too much smoke in the works for there not to be any fire (there are dozens of women telling the same story about the same man). I would also remind you that we witnessed just recently a decent and respected man in Alabama accused by a couple of ladies of sexual indiscretions over 40 years ago . . . and it cost him certain election to the US Senate. Mind you, there was not one ounce of evidence to support their claims. This is a new day . . . a new and brutal way of dealing with what has long been a serious issue between men and women.


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