Gun Wars . . .

Gun Wars . . . April 2, 2018

Last weekend large numbers of high school kids were led, encouraged, financed, and coordinated by outside forces in a staged “March for our Lives” rally across America. Its basis was a recent school shooting in Florida, while totally ignoring a second shooting at a school in Maryland. The difference being the cowardly armed school guards (Deputy sheriffs) at the Florida school hid out in fear and allowed 17 kids to be murdered by a madman. However, the guard at the Maryland school acted bravely and quickly confronted the shooter and killed him on the spot. The organizers do not want armed officers on campuses, so they ignore that incident.

The sources staging said march want to abolish guns in the USA . . . and are willing to use any and all means to accomplish their objective. These kids are simply available and have proven to be willing. These folks paint the NRA as some hellish, evil organization that is dedicate to murder. Nothing is further from the truth. The NRA is an Association made up of millions of law-abiding, tax-paying, church-going Americans who love America and want to protect the 2nd Amendment, as well as their families and homes.

Here are a few truths on the matter:

  1. There has never been a single report of a single NRA member who committed a mass murder (but an NRA member who lived near the church outside of San Antonio actually stepped forward in an emergency and used his gun to kill the Church shooter);
  2. There are five times more people killed in America by knives . . . than there are by rifles. The most recent FBI data shows that in 2016, there were 374 murders committed using rifles in the entire United States. That includes so-called “assault rifles.” However, a stunning 1,604 murders were committed using knives or cutting weapons. Even hands, fists, and feet were used to kill more often than rifles: Criminals committed 656 murders using just their body.
  3. It’s also true that over 86 percent of the 20,000 police chiefs and sheriffs in America do not support repealing concealed carry permits, but rather support gun ownership, nor do they support more gun control measures.
  4. Banning a particular gun is not the answer . . . it simply starts a chipping away of rights. Changing age limits by three years is not really an answer . . . because there haven’t been many cases of under-21 shooters . . . again, it simply starts a chipping away of rights.

There’s a good reason for that: As concealed-carry has become more common in America, the country has become more safe. Do you know that there has been an amazing 215 percent increase in concealed carry permits between 2007 and 2015? During the same time period, there was a 14 percent decrease in the murder rate. In fact, violent crime has been cut in half since about 1990, yet the media constantly acts as if violence is spiraling out.

It seems to me . . . that emotion is a terrible substitute for truth. It is even a poorer substitute for facts. These folks are trying to put a face on murder . . . and calling it the NRA.

There was a time in history where the bigger, stronger, and meaner men could terrorized smaller, weaker, and more gentle men. They could take his goods, property, and even his wife and daughters at will. Then Samuel Colt invented and built the hand-gun . . . . the Peace Maker . . . and leveled the playing field. It was no longer a matter of the biggest and strongest . . . it became a matter of fastest. Now, these goofy people are wanting to get everyone to take their weapons and toss them into the river. Think about where that would leave us as a society . . . that is not lacking in big, bad, mean, and evil characters . . .

Well, now I have put my 2-cents into the debate . . .

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