Pray for Peace in Israel . . .

. . . the instruction in Palms 122:6.

President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held talks on Monday, March 5, in Washington, D. C. that offer a chance to project a common front against Iran . . . one of several sworn enemies of Israel. Over the past couple of years, the corrupt and evil religious thugs of Iran have vowed to “blow Israel off the face of the earth.”  Moreover, Iran has invested itself heavily in Syria and its warring factions . . . simply because it provides a border with and easier access to Israel’s mainland.

You can rest assured that not everyone is in agreement with King David’s instruction in the Psalm cited above. But here are a few reasons why a Cristian should agree with King David’s call for pray for peace in Jerusalem:

  1. Because Jerusalem is the center of the universe from a Biblical perspective. It occupies much of the attention of the Bible as it zooms in on geography. It is the place where Jesus spent much of His time on earth . . . it was the place of His crucifixion, and according to the last book of the Bible, Revelation, it is the precise place where He will come at His Second Coming.
  2. Because the re-establishment of Israel is a testimony and sign of the faithfulness of God.
  3. Because many of the Jewish people are coming to the Messiah. Hebrew-speaking congregations are growing, and many younger Israelis are coming to faith in Jesus the Messiah!
  4. Because it was through the Jewish people that God gave the Bible and the Savior to the world. It seems to me that as Believers, we owe them a debt of loyalty and appreciation. Even further, the Jewish people’s history, hard-heartedness, and rebellion, has served as a model of ‘what not to do’ for some 2,000 years of Church history.
  5. Because Israel is by far our best ally in the Middle East and the only one upon on whom we can really depend in that area. Israel has for 70 years faithfully demonstrated that loyalty and friendship.
  6. And last, but certainly not least, is because the Jewish people are and have always been “The chosen people of God!”  You might say, “I don’t get that” . . . to which I would reply, “Nor, do I,” but I do accept it and acknowledge it. See Genesis 12:3 . . . I believe God never abandons a promise He has made. I don’t need to understand it all, but I believe I will do well to accept and believe . . . even when I can’t understand.

As they gathered in D.C to try to hammer out a path forward in this dangerous and troubled world, both of these great leaders were under dark clouds of suspicion and allegations created and promoted by their political enemies . . . which I fear testifies that the enemy does not want peace on earth and goodwill amongst men.

Pray for peace in Jerusalem . . .

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