The Second Amendment . . .

I support the Second Amendment (actually I pretty much support all of the amendments). I am a gun owner and own several dozen guns ….. hand guns, long guns and shotguns. In my 50 years of gun ownership I have never once used a gun in an unlawful manner, or in any way that endangered life, health or property ……. mine or others.

I support and appreciate the NRA.

Al of that being said, I want to add my two cents to the National debate about guns. I think:

….. There must be improvements in background checks process
….. there must be restrictions on gun ownership by the mental ill
….. automatic weapons sales should be limited to select individuals
….. schools should be made safe (more on this below)
….. the military should conduct self defense training for citizens
….. gun free zones are a joke and should be eliminated

The military could be instrumental in training the average citizen on how to be prepared to step in and help in troubled situations. Moreover, that process could help to identify, screen, and weed out the troubled amongst us who have an inclination toward weapons and things related to warfare.

I am confused over the struggle to make schools safer. It seems to me ….. that entry into a school ought to be limited to one entry point which is controlled and monitored by video surveillance. The use of bags and backpacks should be denied. It seems obvious that in implementing such a system, a potential danger could be spotted and confronted long before he reached the entry door. Israel took action after a school shooting 40 years ago and their system has worked well. We ought to study and that implement that model.

In spite of my support of the First Amendment, I would argue that so called celebrities ought to be instructed to shut up on this matter. They certainly ought not have any influence in the debate as they live with armed guards in their gated havens.

I am glad to get that off of my chest.

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