Tragic . . .

Sunday morning I closed out the study of the Bible book ‘The Acts of the Apostles’ which I have been teaching on Sunday mornings over the past few months. The title of the last lesson was “Always on Mission,” and focuses on the Apostle Paul and his always being prepared, alert, and willing to take the initiative in presenting the Gospel message . . . to one person . .. or to a group. In addition, the Rev Billy Graham passed away this past week. He was much like Paul in that he was always alert, prepared, and willing to present the Gospel.

Over recent weeks, my heart has been quite heavy over the pain that humans inflict upon each other . . . parents in California chaining 13 of their children to beds, school shootings, inner-city street violence, and wars around the world. All of which screams out that humanity has a serious problem . . . and it is a problem that only the Gospel can address, answer, and cure. That is of course the reason the both Paul and Dr. Graham were so focused on their God-given assignment.

As part of my lesson, I wanted to gather some stats on such pain and suffering humans do to one another. My research led me to an online site simply known as romans322, which is a running, real-time accounting of deaths in the USA. The numbers reported are from January 1 to this present date. The number one cause of death in the USA (by a wide margin) is abortion . . . mothers permitting someone to murder their babies in the womb! I asked Sandy if she might type the list for me since she is a much faster typist that I. As she spent about 20 minutes in the study working on the task, she was horrified as she watched the number of abortions click away by 7 or 8 every few minutes. As she called out her shock at the rate at which the tally increased, it spurred me to do some research. I was flabbergasted to discover there are some 3,000 abortions per day in the USA . . . that is 125 per hour . . . and 2.083 per minute. A group of bad people have been successful in altering this tragedy from being a moral issue into a political issue . . but that certainly doesn’t change the truth of it . . . it is sin and it must surely break God’s heart.

Equally tragic is that over $500 million tax dollars is being reported as given to Planned Parenthood annually. There have been reports of investigative reporting that claims Planned Parenthood is actually harvesting body parts from these aborted babies and selling them on the black market. Perhaps the saddest part of it all is the lack of outrage over it . . . we simply turn our heads and pretend it does not exist, and it does not affect us. What was it Dr. King said?  Oh yeah . . . it was “The tragedy is not so much that the children of darkness do this evil, but is that the children of Light remain silent!” We are truly living in a fallen world and there is matter of great urgency . . . sin . . . and the consequences of it . . . and that people need the Lord.

We ought to always be on mission . . . it is the Believer’s marching orders from the Master Himself.

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