School Safety . . .

Over recent years, there have been a large number of school shootings. Last week there was another senseless shooting at a Florida school that left 17 kids dead. The nation is struggling to flesh out an answer . . . a solution. I watched the session that President Trump and Vice President Pence hosted in the White House. Parents, students, and faculty from the Florida school attended and expressed their grief. It was heart-wrenching to watch . . . such intense pain and sorrow.

There is a growing national debate on the subject, and there are some goofy things being said by many folks on every side of the debate. The NRA is being portrayed by some as being an evil organization . . . which it is not. It is, however, a fierce defender of the 2nd Amendment. Those who are painting the NRA as evil act as if the organization actually armed the crazy men who have done the shooting. Nothing could be further from the truth . . . there has never been an ounce of evidence that any such shooter was even a member of the organization. On the contrary, the NRA teaches gun-safety and owner-responsibility.

I read a statement on social media which said: a deranged kid with an automatic rifle had no problem entering a public school, but a kid with a Bible would have been stopped quickly. There is surely a connection in that truth, yet there are those who can’t see or accept that truth.

The real problem is that sin abounds and the enemy of our souls delights in confusing kids and motivating them to commit such evil acts. The Apostle Paul said it well in his Epistle to the Ephesians in Chapter 6 when he wrote, “we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood, but spiritual wickedness.”  There is only one cure for this sin problem . . . Jesus Christ, and evil will continue until He returns.

I do think that there are some things that can and should be done to address the danger, a few are:

Install metal detectors at the entrances of school buildings;

Install an automatic locking devise on classroom doors;

Install a means of discharging a gas on the shooter in the hallway (perhaps through the fire system);

Train faculty how to use firearms and permit them to carry weapons (but only those who wish to do so):

Perhaps employ a program at the schools similar to the Air Marshal program on commercial airplanes . . . which has certainly helped reduce plane issues.

We are a nation with a large talent pool and that needs to be tapped into to find some means of protecting kids at school. Sandy was a high school teacher for many years and I honestly often worried about her safety.

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