Frank . . .

I meet some really interesting people in the pool . . . some which might be described as different . . . a few might even be referred to as odd. Sometimes I chuckle and wonder what that might say about me.

Today I met a fellow who introduced himself as “Frank from San Antonio.”  It was obvious that my new friend Frank had a serious handicap/disability . . . he had an electric cart poolside and was wearing a flotation belt in the pool and clinging to a floating noodle to help keep him upright.

As we walked and got acquainted, he said he had heard of me from others in and around the pool and had been encouraged by my rehab story. As we worked out, he related his sad story. He said that he had been a truck-driver for 30 years. His said his truck was experiencing some mechanical problems so his dispatcher sent him to a repair facility in the Dallas metro-plex area to have it repaired. He said that he had taken a tumble out of the cab of the truck and hit the ground. He said he didn’t know what had happened but he regained consciousness as he was being loaded into an ambulance . . . he added that he was terrified as he could not move any part of his body: feet, legs, arms, or hands. After an MRI at the hospital, he was told that the fall had caused both spinal cord and neck injuries. A neurosurgeon performed surgery and he spent a long period in rehab . . . with limited success.

We talked about health, life, handicaps, and finally about faith. He asked what had been my objective as I struggled through my ordeal. I told him that I prayed like my recovery depended completely on The Lord and I worked really hard as it depended completely upon me, and that I had found that to be a winning combination.

As we parted company, I promised to pray for him . . . for strength, peace, health, and that he discover the reason for his struggle. I live with a strong faith that Paul was spot-on in his declaration in Romans 8:28 when he said, “we know that all things work together for good for those love the Lord, to them who are called according to His purposes.”  I read that to mean that the Lord has a purpose for every event in my life.

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