Confusing . . .

Yesterday . . .  January 15 . . . is set aside by our nation to honor the birthdate of Rev Martin Luther King, Jr. In truth, it is much more than simply honoring the date of his birth . . . it is to remember in appreciation what he did to help a good nation become a better nation as he helped us see the light on something about which we had long been blinded in darkness by history, prejudice, evil, and hatred.

You can be certain that MLK as a young child never once looked up at his mother from the merry-go-round in the park in Atlanta and said, “Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a man who calls a nation out and challenges it to repent of its great sin, and in doing so, to personally become a person to whom much hate and bitterness is directed, and that will ultimately result in my being murdered before my 40th Birthday!”

The truth is that he was a simple Baptist pastor of a small, southern church and was called to rise to the moment. It was clearly not a task he sought, but to which he was drawn. No intelligent person can listen to the powerful, passionate, and brilliant speeches he delivered and even remotely believe that all came from him. It is clear that it was a matter of a humble man delivering a message he had received from the Lord Himself, just as had the Old Testament prophets delivering calls to repentance to the wayward nation Israel, and warnings to her enemies.

A really baffling thing to me is that the great resistance to Dr. King and the plea of Black citizens for equality and fairness was completely led by Southern Democrats in elected office across the Deep South. It was those local and State leaders who ordered the marchers to be attacked by publicly-owned and operated fire trucks. It was those men who ordered attack dogs released upon peaceful citizens exercising their constitutional right to assemble and be heard. It was those very officials who called out the National Guard to stand in the way of those who marched peacefully. Today, using smoke, mirrors, an end around move, and some razzle dazzle, the DNC presents itself as being the champion of Black folks, and tragically the majority of Black folks fall for the lie. Thankfully, there are more and more who are having their eyes opened to the lies of the DNC (just as many of us in my generation had our eyes opened to the lies they told us about Black folks back in the ‘60s).

History shows that pretty much all of the cities that have been under Democratic control over the past 50 years are now in serious trouble and the Black folks who live in them are the real victims. The current real-time situation in those cities is poor quality housing, frightening crime, terrible neighborhoods, high unemployment, abusive local law-enforcement, and failing schools. Every bit of it is exactly the economic shackles against which Dr. King waged his peaceful battle.

Even more confusing is the truth that the great issue/concern for the DNC today is what is being called the DACA program . . . a program seeking to grant citizenship and financial aid to young adults who were brought here as children by illegal aliens.

I would argue that it would serve as an act of Love if Democrats, liberals, and the media had just one half as much concern for the Black kids trapped in ghettos, failing public schools, crime-ridden neighborhoods, and entrenched poverty. How about amnesty for those Black kids . . . amnesty from those life-restricting forces and conditions. How about taking the money the DNC wants to spend on the DACA recipients and using it to help our own kids who are helpless victims of conditions created by Democrats and their foolish policies.

I am even further confused over the need to publicly debate all of these crazy issues of immigration when we have properly enacted laws on the books which address the issue. It Seems to me . . . it is pretty much the same as if a couple dozen goofy folks surrounding a stop sign at an intersection and stood debating the merits, effectiveness, and need for such a warning for drivers.

Do you know that the DNC has done a complete 180-degree about-face on immigration in the past 30 years? They resist any efforts to enforce our current laws and policies. They resist efforts to cut the cost of and drain upon the treasury of illegals living here (estimated to be some $90 billion annually). They resist any reasonable effort to require verification of status at the voting booth.

I would argue that if we could somehow get the Democrats to quit using all of their energy on illegal aliens, wholesale abortions, same-sex marriages, and the like and just work half as hard for Black folks, we could get a serious recover taking place in the inner cities. I just saw a report that in a short span of one year, under President Donald Trump’s policies and leadership, the economy is going gang-busters and Black unemployment is now at the lowest rate since such records were created. I would argue that is part of what Dr. King was seeking . . . a level field for every American . . . and an opportunity to succeed. Tragically, there are those today trapped in the current situation who are limited in opportunity regardless how smart they are or how hard they work . . . their situation is beyond their ability to overcome . . . and that is tragic.

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