Terrified . . .

I just spent a most restless night. About 11:00 pm I learned that my dear friend’s beautiful daughter had gone missing. She is a sports reporter in the Houston area. The report was that she had been reporting on a football camp in the Houston area. Afterwards she went home and then left in her car.

She was supposed to meet her roommate later Saturday evening, but sent a text message saying that she was afraid and was being followed by a guy in a truck. That was the last word from her. During the night the Houston P. D. located her car in the parking lot of the Galleria. Her purse and phone were found inside the Galleria . . . but not her. On Monday morning about 9 am I received word that she had been found alive. She is in the hospital, but is believed to be okay.  Her parents are driving to the hospital as I write this. Her Dad just called . . . terribly emotional and praising God! We live in a dangerous and troubled world.

The Apostle Paul in his epistle to the Ephesians (chapter 6) warns us of this truth as he informs that such evil is all part of a spiritual army that is organized and established into ranks—and under the headship of Satan, the devil, who comes against us with his wiles.

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