Christmas Morning . . .

Merry Christmas to one and all. As Christmas has approached this year, I have found myself reflecting back over my life and remembering Christmases past. I recalled meager years as a kid in which my family lived in a small, simple little house. Oftentimes, we would have a scraggly little cedar tree that we had cut ourselves and it would be decorated with simple homemade things including popcorn on a thread. Most years there would not be much under the tree, but a few years there would be a bit more. I also recalled years as Sandy and I reared our own little family. Sandy always tried to do things in a very special way to make it special. Some of my fondest memories of Christmas involved the Christmas Eve Service at FBC Rockport when Charles Fake was our Pastor. Now is a special period in my life with two beautiful granddaughters with whom to enjoy Christmas and see the wonder of it all in their sweet little eyes. In fact, we have just been back in the house a couple of weeks after the repairs of Hurricane Harvey damage, and Ali and Abi will be coming for a week. It Seems to Me this morning . . . that we will do well to remember that it isn’t really about what is under the tree or inside the stocking, it is about what is in our hearts and on our minds. It is the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

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