Possibly . . . Trading Kids for Animals . . .

On Chris’ birthday I wrote about 3-year-old Courtney suggesting that we trade her 2-day-old brother . . . his loud crying and smelly diapers and all . . . for a Shetland pony. Today, I write about an opportunity to have traded Courtney for several animals! It occurred on the street . . . in the marketplace . . . of Jerusalem. Courtney had graduated from high school and I told her that I thought she ought to travel abroad some and offered to send her anywhere she wanted to travel as her senior trip. After a few days of thinking about it, she decided that she wanted to visit the Holy Land and see the places she had heard so much about over the years. Sandy immediately volunteered to be her travel companion, so the trip was booked.

Chris and I picked them up at Houston Intercontinental Airport on their return. As we walked thru the airport, Courtney told us of a frightening experience during her trip. She said as she and Mom walked through the marketplace, a man . . . a merchant with a long beard and dressed in a robe, confronted her and her mom demanding to know where I . . . as her Father was. Courtney said her Mom politely informed the fellow that I was back in the States. She exclaimed, “Daddy, that men wanted to trade 50 camels and 10 donkeys for me . . . he said that I was beautiful and he wanted me as one of his wives!” I turned to Sandy and asked, “And you didn’t make the trade . . . you brought her back home? Do you have any idea of how much trouble this girl is going to be going forward . . . how much she is going cost us? What a good way that would have been to spare us all of that frustration and expense!”

Missed opportunity? . . . Perhaps!

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